Paddle boarding with my ONDU pinhole camera.

So this was risky........and NOT recommend to try at home...or on any water unless you can accept you may trash your camera.
Headed out on my Stand Up Paddle board with my ONDU Pinhole Camera and a roll of Fuji Pro 160S 120 film on my RedPaddle Co Sport 11" SUP.

Had the camera wrapped in a plastic bag for safe(ish) keeping, using my cheap carbon travel tripod and a strap from my SUP.
When out to a nice distance where it was a little calmer, set the camera onto the tripod and strapped the tripod to my board with the strap to keep it stable.

Took a light metre reading with my phone and exposed a few shots with my ONDU Multiformat pinhole camera set at a 6x12 format.
What I really wanted was to achieve was some nice blurred pastel toned shots with the front of the paddle board remaining still in the centre of the frame.

Thankfully I didn't fall in and trash the film, my camera and phone.

Check out the Video.