Testing out an idea with my Zero image 4x5

My next few exposures with my Zero image 4x5, I am planning on doing a few shots on my longboard skateboard.
I currently have 6 sheets of Fomapan 100 loaded into 3 holders ready to expose, along with a roll of expired roll of Fujifilm Pro 160S in my ONDU.
I have done shots similar to this on my longboard before but only using GoPro cameras, which naturally work well.

I also did something similar with my ONDU and my bike

I do think I should be able to get some awesome looking photos from my Zero Image @25mm, and possibly attempt some with my ONDU. I may also make a small wide custom pinhole camera that will be able to get some really low angle wide shots similar to the GoPro image.

The clamp I use is a  Manfrotto Super Clamp with a Manfrotto 037 Camera Mounting Stud and a small ball joint tripod head, so the camera is very secure to the board which will keep things as steady as possible.

Hopefully I will be able to get out some evenings this week to start attempting these images, just need to try a few more positions with the pinhole camera and clamp that I am happy with.