ONDU Pinhole camera

ONDU 6x12 MULTIFORMAT Pinhole camera

The ONDU 6X12 Multiformat Pinhole Camera is a 120 film all around camera, you can choose from three different formats - 6x6 - 6x9 and  6x12.
The the Specs for this camera  are
Dimensions:(W) 65mm x (H) 103mm (L) 200mm
Focal length:40mm
Pinhole diameter:0,3mm

f stop equivalent:133

Front View

Side View
Vertical angle of view engraving

Back view
With 2 viewing ports to see film numbers.

Side View
With Backplate removal recess.

 Top View

Includes a level bubble
Horizontal angle of view engravings, and the film & takeup winding pin.

The three different formats can be chosen by adjusting the Film Frame Dividers.



Remove film dividers completely 

Whats in the box

1: Pinhole camera
2: Bag
3: Instructions
4: Exposure chart
5: Postcard with an image from an ONDU pinhole camera + discount code.

This is a beautiful pinhole camera, made from Walnut and Maple wood and finished with two coats of solid hard oil to protect it from the natural elements.

There are 14 Neodymium magnets in total, they secure the backplate and the takeup & film winding pins down, there is also a magnet to hold the shutter when down.

There is a satisfying snap when fitting the back plate

The shutter is nice and smooth, you can adjust the screw in the back of the camera to adjust the tension.

It would be be nice if there was a cable release option for the ONDU as manually moving the shutter can cause some wobble if your not using the best tripod or just have the camera resting on a surface, from comments I've seen recently, ONDU do have plans to release a pinhole camera with cable release and filter holders, I'm not sure if this is going to be available as an extra you can order and fit it to your existing ONDU or just introduced into a new range of cameras.

ONDU in Action


 Belle Tout Lighthouse

On my Paddle board
Watch the video for this HERE

ONDU Photo Samples

Belle Tout Lighthouse
Friston Church
On my bike
Beachy head Lighthouse
Abandoned boats
On my Paddleboard

Also watch this video of messing the ONDU pinhole