ONDU and Zero Image Loaded with new film.

Tonight I finally got around to reloading my pinhole cameras.

I loaded my Zero Image 4x5 with some Fomapan 100. Never used this film myself, but works out to half the price of the 4x5 ilford delta 100 I have been previously using ing this camera, and apparently it has the same developing times with Ilfosol 3, but I need to look more into this.
If you have developed Fomapan 100 film before, what chemicals did you use? 
Have you developed it in Ilford Ilfosol 3?
Any advice extra advice is always welcome.

 Next my ONDU Multiformat pinhole camera

Set at 6x12 I have loaded a roll of expired Fujifilm Pro 160S (expired 2009).
I shot a roll of this a couple of years back with my Mamiya RB67 and always like the colour and look of this film, so will be interesting with how this comes out off my ONDU.

Results hopefully not to far away...