First morning out with Fomapan 100 - Zero Image 4x5

After finishing off my Ilford Delta 100, I brought some Fomapan 100 4x5 to give a try with my Zero Image Pinhole Camera. Headed out this morning with 6 sheets of film.

First went to a local skatepark to try a few exposures.
I have always loved skateparks as spent most my youth on a skateboard, Ive been meaning to start a series of photos capturing the light hitting all the different angles you get from the ramps.

My first exposure was set up on the edge of the bowl, hopefully capturing a nice light and curves of the bowl and grind rail curving round, along with the graffiti inside, and with how wide this camera is probably some of it own shadow.

Zero Image exposure time: 6 seconds 

Second exposure, where there is a skatepark there is graffiti.
This exposure was set fairly close to the wall with the camera at it widest setting, hopefully capturing some of the old cracked wall and graffiti.
Zero Image exposure time: 60 seconds
Third and fourth exposure were of the same thing.
I loved the look of the light on this part of the park, I added 2nd section to the Zero Image camera to adjust the focal length and adjusted the pinhole size, however I didn't compensate for this on the first exposure. My first exposure was 6 seconds, 2nd which should be more accurate was 20 seconds.
Zero Image exposure time: 20 seconds
Fifth exposure, I headed off after the skatepark to a local windmill
Zero Image exposure time: 2 seconds
Sixth exposure, Something different, 2 second exposure in the car on the way home.
Zero Image exposure time: 2 seconds

Really looking forward to seeing the results from these, hopefully I may have these developed later tonight, and can scan them during the week to share.