Final results - Fomapan 100 4x5 through my Zero Image pinhole camera.

This was my first time using, shooting and developing Fomapan film.

I headed out the other morning with 6 sheets of Fomapan 100 and my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera, you can see more on that and the "behind the camera" photos for each image HERE

I developed the film at home in Ilford Ilfosol 3, 1+9 ratio @ 20Âșc for 5 minutes.

1st exposure, "Skatepark", exposure time 6 seconds.
Slightly over exposed this one, the low morning sun light hitting bowl was a lot harsher that I expected.

2nd exposure, "Graffiti wall", exposure time 60 seconds.

3rd and 4th exposure were of the same thing.
The Zero image 4x5 has 25mm extensions you can add for different focal lengths, you also change the pinhole size to suit the focal distance, this also changes the exposure time. 
I didn't compensate for this on the first exposure which was 6 seconds, 2nd attempt was 20 seconds.
But both images are perfectly usable.

5th exposure, "Willingdon Windmill", exposure time 2 seconds.

6th exposure' "Drive home", exposure time 2 seconds

Overall really pleased with the results and the film, came out a lot better than I expected, and still have 44 more sheets to get through.

You can buy Fomapan film though Amazon and eBay